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Rocket8Meg €25.99

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Skytel Websaver Bundle €42.95

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I wish to apply for Skytel Broadband / and or Phone Services. I am authorised to act on behalf of the business or residence on this matter. I have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions detailed at here. Monthly fee payable in advance. I am over 18 years of age. 1 month contract term..

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Originator number – 303961

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Originator's address: Skytel Networks Ireland Ltd, M2 McConnell Business Hall, Kerlogue Ind Est, Wexford.

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I instruct you to pay direct debits from my account at the request of Skytel Networks Ireland Ltd. The amounts are variable and may be debited on various dates. I understand that if any direct debit is paid which breaks the terms of instruction, the bank will make a refund. I understand that Skytel may change the amounts and dates only after giving prior notice. I understand that if any direct debit breaks the terms of this instruction, the bank will make a refund.

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